Me Me has been created with a purpose: To be part of the movement where buying sustainable brands is the norm, rather than the exception. Me Me makes it easier for consumers to buy from conscious brands who care about our future, our environment and our people. Me Me, an eDepartment store, brings together brands 'Made With Respect' from around the world who have an appreciation for craftsmanship, the environment and people. We are the champions and storytellers of the world's finest sustainable luxury brands created with a culture of purpose. All boutique. All extraordinary. Each brand hand-chosen for their dedication to craftsmanship, transparent supply chains, ethical sourcing, sustainable materials, magnificent quality and social impact initiatives through recycling, upcycling, zero waste policies and empowering disadvantaged communities. We celebrate the founders and everything inherently great about what they design and create - making it easier for you to find and support conscious brands who are passionate about building a better, more sustainable and respectful world.
Me Me partners with conscious brands `Made with Respect' from around the world. Our platform brings sustainable luxury brands together in one place, making it easier for consumers to find and support those brands that are inherently great. We all must work toward sustainable living being the norm rather than the exception. As consumers, we need to understand our part in the process. Behind the glamorous advertising campaigns, the beautiful models and the multimillion dollar businesses is a toxic addiction that is wrecking havoc on our environment. The products we buy from these big chains all contribute to this pollution. Did you know that should the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles. Sustainable consumption and production aims at “doing more and better with less”. Reducing resource use, degradation and pollution. It requires a transparent supply chain, from producer to final consumer. Independently, it is an uphill battle for our sustainable luxury brands against the mass-producing, mass-marketed companies, we are joining our voices together to make it easier to be heard, making it easier to make a difference. Me Me makes it easier for consumers to shift away from destructive consumption that has massive implications on the health of our people and planet, toward more sustainable consumer behaviours and habits. We are all part of the problem, but we can all become part of the solution. Beautiful fashion and beautiful products, shouldn’t cost the earth. Our business operates using a drop-ship model, we connect our customers directly with our brands. Every product purchased is sent to the customer from the atelier or workshop of the respective brands. As such, you may receive multiple parcels from one purchase.
It’s not easy for sustainable luxury businesses to survive in the shadows of retail giants. The giants have economies of scale with mass production and vast distribution deals that enable them to offer free shipping for online purchases. Sustainable hand-crafted brands have the additional burden of higher production costs with only the best materials and ingredients used, they are making small batches or made-to-order and maintain the integrity of skill in their craft. There are no factories, large production runs or face-less makers in Me Me's world. You are buying quality pieces made to last, from brands who respect craftsmanship, people and the world we live in. Isn't it worth paying a little bit more? For boutique brands to offer free shipping, they must absorb those costs from margins that are already small. This is why Me Me charge a nominal freight fee. All purchases are drop shipped, sent direct from their atelier or workshop to customer. Our brands have the option to offer free shipping at certain purchase thresholds, this varies by brand.
Me Me is a NZ-based business, created through the desire to live a more meaningful life. A life with less pollutants, less disposal consumption, less faceless corporations, less factory-made sameness and less harming of our precious environment.
Founder Susan Stevens, a New Zealander, left behind a successful career spanning 20 years in sales and management in the corporate world after experiencing a suppressive work culture. In November 2014 Susan launched Me Me & Co, which became a 2 year validation project before re-launching Me Me `Made with Respect’ in July 2017. Through her journey; appreciating the power of enablement, working with the true craftsmanship of artisan brands, valuing quality over quantity and wanting to create a business that gave back - her passion for supporting & enabling sustainable boutique brands was born. After a successful career climbing the corporate ladder in the sales and media industry, Susan resigned after becoming disillusioned working within a suppressive culture where disempowerment was the norm. In 2014 she launched Me Me & Co, representing boutique jewellery, bag and homeware brands across all sales channels in NZ & Australia, it became a 2 year project validating the market. During this time she worked alongside artisan brands who designed and crafted beautiful pieces, made to last. She also had valuable insights into the mass producing industry, how products are churned out of production lines, impacting and compromising the quality whilst having little confidence in the transparency of supply chains. Combined with her experience of being disempowerment, a desire was ignited to support sustainable boutique brands, providing a platform that enabled & empowered. In July 2017 Me Me & Co was rebranded and relaunched as Me Me `Made with Respect', a global eDepartment store for luxury sustainable brands, made with respect to craftsmanship, people and the environment...all with transparent and ethical supply chains. "I'm passionate about bringing these amazing brands together, under the one virtual roof, where we tell their unique and inspiring stories. We celebrate the founders and everything inherently great about what they design and create - making it easier for consumers to buy from these conscious brands who are passionate about building a better and more sustainable world. Independently, it’s an uphill battle for sustainable luxury brands competing against mass-producing, mass marketed multinationals, but at Me Me we understand the benefits of collaboration and how powerful partnerships can be when we support one another. We are joining our voices together to make it easier to be heard, making it easier to make a difference." Susan Stevens x