We are on a mission. To make shopping for style and extraordinary, part of the solution that helps protect the planet, and build more respectful job opportunities; in-country, and in 3rd world countries. Its ambitious, but achievable if we all lean in rather than look away; because deep down we know that true luxury only exists when there is craftsmanship, quality ingredients or materials AND ethics. Come & discover the people and places behind the new era of luxury brands committed to affect positive change in our world. Their stories and products are nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to the first ever 100% ethical department store
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Relax while you can, before Christmas season kicks in...
with British silk loungewear Maisonzhou, handmade by Singapore artisans
The Gift of Extraordinary
This Christmas, give handcrafted, small-batch made & good for the world.
Mad for the Bike
An unconventional bike brand, created and handcrafted in Italy. Winner of Red Dot Design Award for design, Jokfil is just 12 months old and already getting attention by celebrities, GQ and cycling...
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Get Muddy. Get Flocked
One young merino kidswear brand from New Zealand is all about letting children enjoy their youth, mud and all. Brands like Little Flock of Horrors show the world why Kiwi children are so natural.
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House of Dolls
This award-winning sustainable DollsVilla® has been built at child’s height, and comes with detailed chatels and fitout, ramp for the car and even an outdoor shower. Handcrafted in Amsterdam.
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Little Nest
Hanging cradle, handcrafted from eco-felt and lamb merino wool, in Hungary Available November
Nothing but 100% Natural Skincare
Field to Face
Should we really put anything on our face that we wouldn’t put in our mouth. Two San Francisco botanists don't think so. Their organic skincare comes direct from the fields.
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Skin Power
The skin is a powerful, living organism. Home to one of the most potent plumpers & natural hydrators just below the surface. Hyaluronic Acid is a very large sugar occuring naturally in our skin..
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REVIEWED: Minimalist
Melanie Reece, Global Chief Commercial Officer, Startmesh (NZ); Anna Pillay, Brand Consultant (NZ); Carolyn Managh, co-founder Me Me (NZ)
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100% natural kidswear, for 100% natural kids
Lina & Lino, New Zealand
PopUpShop, Denmark
Feather Drum, Sydney
Roots & Wings, NZ
Craft & Ethics over Quotas
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified fabric mills and sustainable fabric fairs are the cornerstone of fabric sourcing for Estonian label, August
Fashion made without respect for our planet, people and makers, is not luxury nor sustainable. It's time to start asking, "Who made this?' and caring about the answer.
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